Welcome to Telendos

Telendos is a small island, one of the Dodecanese in Greece, close to Kalymnos, Leros and Kos. On Telendos you will find everything you need to shake off the stress of the real world.

For who desires peace and tranquillity on holiday. Loves real Greek hospitality and food, we can recommend Telendos. The only way to go to Telendos is by boat from the port of Myrties on the neighbouring island of Kalymnos. On Telendos you can find only one village with one hotel and a few classic taverna`s. There are no roads on Telendos.

Telendos has 4 magnificent beaches with little sand ideal for snorkelling.

Telendos was separated from the island of Kalymnos by a 554 AD earthquake. This Quake lasted for 14 days, a whole village that was sub merged by the sea can still be seen on calm days.

If you want to stay on the beautiful island of Telendos we can recommend

Zorba`s restaurant and rooms on Telendos

Taverna and apartments Rita Telendos.

Hotel Porto Potha Telendos
Odysseus, the coolest donkey
of Greece




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